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The place for parents and students to share.... These are posts the students posted for parents in order to answer that ever living question...

 "So what did you learn in school today?" which usually gets the response

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Friday, May 20, 2005


The Lemonade Maker" border="0" />
by Ranae, Chelsey, Bryanna


Some disadvantages of the Lemonade Maker are that it is a little messy. It is messy because when the bottle tips over the water might spill on the floor. Another disadvantage is that it is complicated to set up. It is hard to set up because you have to tape the blocks to the table and make sure that the ball hits right. The last disadvantage is that like all experiments it might not go right.
All in all that is the disadvantages of the Lemonade Maker.


The Lemonade Maker is a weird invention. It needs a placed on the floor. At the very edge of the table the pitcher is placed so that when the water bottle tips over the water pours over the edge like a water fall in to the pitcher. That is the description of the Lemonade Maker.


The materials in our science project are cups, a pitcher, lemonade, sugar, a table, a ball, and wooden blocks. We used cups to drink the lemonade. Next we need the sugar and water to make the lemonade. Also, we had a table to put all of the stuff and we had a water bottle to hold the water and we had wooden blocks to make sure the water bottle didn’t move. Last, we had the pitcher to catch the water and the ball to knock the bottle down. Those are our materials for our group.

Why You should buy:

Well, I would say that my project is very good, so if I were someone else I would buy it. So, you should buy it too! You should buy it because it makes good lemonade and it works good for kids for science reports. All in all, that is why you should buy the lemonade maker.

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