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Friday, May 20, 2005


The Lemonade Maker" border="0" />
by Ranae, Chelsey, Bryanna


Some disadvantages of the Lemonade Maker are that it is a little messy. It is messy because when the bottle tips over the water might spill on the floor. Another disadvantage is that it is complicated to set up. It is hard to set up because you have to tape the blocks to the table and make sure that the ball hits right. The last disadvantage is that like all experiments it might not go right.
All in all that is the disadvantages of the Lemonade Maker.


The Lemonade Maker is a weird invention. It needs a placed on the floor. At the very edge of the table the pitcher is placed so that when the water bottle tips over the water pours over the edge like a water fall in to the pitcher. That is the description of the Lemonade Maker.


The materials in our science project are cups, a pitcher, lemonade, sugar, a table, a ball, and wooden blocks. We used cups to drink the lemonade. Next we need the sugar and water to make the lemonade. Also, we had a table to put all of the stuff and we had a water bottle to hold the water and we had wooden blocks to make sure the water bottle didn’t move. Last, we had the pitcher to catch the water and the ball to knock the bottle down. Those are our materials for our group.

Why You should buy:

Well, I would say that my project is very good, so if I were someone else I would buy it. So, you should buy it too! You should buy it because it makes good lemonade and it works good for kids for science reports. All in all, that is why you should buy the lemonade maker.

Monday, May 16, 2005


The Light Switch Turner Offer

By James Frye" border="0" />
The Light Switch Turner Offer:
MATERIALS=Five dominos, small ramp, LEGO tower, small basket, marbles, and about a foot of sting.
HOW IT WORKS= This project starts working just by the tip of a domino. The dominos push a gate open so that the marble can roll down the ramp and knock down the tower base. The basket full of marbles falls pulling the sting that is attached to the switch therefore turning off the light.
COST=I picked the reasonable price of $5.00.
HOW I CAME UP WITH IT= I came up with this idea one night when I was laying in bed and forgot to turn off the light. I wish I didn’t to get out of bed to turn it off.
BENEFITS= The benefits of this project is that you don’t have to go far to turn off the light.

The Book Opener" border="0" />

by Jon Dagenais

It opens a book
What it looks like
It looks like a huge container with strings in it and a magnet.
It has a tiny book in it
A plastic container, a magnet, tough string, dowel rods, and a paperclip, six spools, a bead that has a hole in the middle,
And a tiny book.
What I learned
I learned that it is easier to open a book by hand.
How it works

You pull the string at the top then slowly lower it and pull it up again.

Benefits, you don’t have to get paper cuts and get the book pages dirty.
Also it takes a little strength so you could get some muscles.
You won't ever lose your page.

What I learned, I learned that it is more fun than regularly turning the page.
It is cooler to watch than the normal way.
It is a lot of fun making it.

How I made it,
I bought a long dowel and cut it into six equal peaces,
then I got a cat food container and cut the front out, cut three holes on one side and three holes on the other side,
Then I put the six dowel rod pieces in each hole. Then I put spools on the dowel rods then I wound the string around the spools and I made it to where the string ended up in the front and tied the magnet to the end of the string. Then I taped the paperclip to the rim of the tiny book, and the other end of the string I poked a hole through the top of the container and tied the bead to the end of the string.

Monday, May 09, 2005


How to make a Mouse Trap Snap" border="0" />

By Jaime, Amanda, and Amber
This experiment makes a mouse trap snap, and is interesting and fun.
Supplies needed to make this invention: A funnel, a marble that is about the size of a tip of the pinkie that belongs to a 10 or 11 year old child, and a mouse trap that you can easily set.
How does it work? Drop a marble down the funnel, it will go down the tube, hit the mousetrap snap. If a mouse steps on the string attached to the marble, it will set the mousetrap off, catching the mouse.
What we learned: Well, we learned not to put our hand in the mouse trap. We also learned not to pick a group and not follow along with it.
Why you should buy it: It will help you keep from getting out of bed to catch the mouse in the middle of the night. Well sometimes!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Trash Away" border="0" />

The simple way to throw away a piece of trash
by Loren, Kai, Kain, & Taryn

We are going to tell you how to throw away a piece of trash. First, you will need a car, dominoes, a ramp, a book, a ball, trash, and a trashcan.

Now we are going to tell the steps you need to set it up where you can do the science project. You first need to get all of your supplies and get them out. You put the book on a desk. You then get the ramp and stack it down the book. Then at the end of the ramp stack the dominoes in a course. Then at the end of the table on the ground put the trashcan on the ground. You then tape trash onto the car that will launch into the trashcan. You then put the ball onto the ramp and let it go. The ball will go down the ramp. It will hit the dominoes course, the dominoes course will go into the car. When it gets to the car with trash on it, it will hit it. The car will fly into the trashcan and throw the piece of trash away.

Now we are going to tell you why you need this product. You will need this product because it will be an easier way to throw a piece of trash away. IT is good to be easier because it is wasting time of your life putting a piece of trash away. You also need this product because it is an easy thing to put together and for how easy it is its good because you put a mild thing into a really easy thing. The last reason you should get this product is because it’ll amaze you with its cool course and will be helpful especially when are sick pr feeling really tired. That is why you need to get this product for an easy way to throw a piece of trash away.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The Pulley" border="0" />


How it works? This project runs by some rope which is connected to wood and the wood helps it hold together. First, you pull on the rope and the elevator will come up or you can put the washers in the cup, you can even put things in the cup that you want to pull up.

What it looks like the pulley looks like an elevator like the ones in the malls or stores. There are two pieces of wood with one wheel with a string. What can pulleys do to help us? They can help us by pulling the American flag up or bringing up mail or food or anything you can think of.

For materials all you need is one stick, a metal cup, some washers, and a metal square, and also some string to pull the elevator.

The Steps first, you would put the washers in the metal bowl and then Bob and Ginger in the cup. The more washers you put in the bowl the higher Bob and Ginger will go up.

We are selling at the range of $100 dollars at that price.

Automatic Lotion Dispenser" border="0" />

By, Clay K and Rudy

We picked our project when we were going through ideas and decided that the lotion dispenser would be the most fun. We were curious to find out if the marble would activate the button on the lotion.
Materials needed: A three foot cardboard tube placed vertically. Attach at the top a vee-shaped piece of cardboard. Attach to that a two foot cardboard tube placed at an angle. A marble about 1-in. in diameter. A lotion bottle with an easy press top.
How it works: First you put the marble down the first tilted tube. Then the marble rolls down to the vee-shaped cardboard. Next the marble falls down the vertical tube. Finally the marble hits the top of the lotion bottle which deposits lotion on your hand.
Benefits: You do not have to press the top of the lotion bottle, but just have to drop a ball into a tube. You will never have rough hands again!

The Egg Crusher" border="0" />

The Egg Crusher was made by me, Nick M. It needs a car track, an egg (or a ball representing an egg), a funnel, Lincoln Logs, and a frying pan. You first put the track hanging from a desk, going down into a funnel. Under the track, put the Lincoln Logs in a tower, supporting the track. Last, put the funnel touching the pan, with lots of Lincoln Logs supporting the back. Then, push the egg down the track and TADA! Fried eggs.

The next topic is how it looks. It doesn’t look like anything special, like a track going into a funnel with Lincoln Logs as a support and a barricade. The benefits aren’t much; it is just easier not to get your hands dirty by pushing the egg down the tracks, and will be a lot easier than cracking it and accidentally breaking the shell into the pan.

Last, the results came out very well. The egg went into the funnel three out of four times. It fell out only once. It was thought up when I was playing with my car tracks. My friend, Jon, helped me find the idea also.
In the last topic, the benefits would be that the screen in the funnel protecting the shell would make only the egg liquid go into the pan. All in all, that is what my science project does. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


The Silent Balloon Popper" border="0" />

by Matt D.

The all new silent balloon popper. The invention you can’t live without. It’s totally silent. There’s no hassle so it’s perfect for any buddy. It’s almost free.

The cost, talk about cheap. It’s only $10. We even take master card. So there is no hassle when you by are new products. How’s that for a great deal.

It has some of the best advantages. First of all, you don’t get a headache. Second, you easily dispose of balloons. Finally there is no mess.

The materials are simple. You need a thick rubber band. Also you need a pair of adult scissors. Another thing you need is blocks. Finally you need a big rubber band.

The Dominoe Controller" border="0" />

By Clayton & Robbie

How it looks
It looks like a hot wheals race track that knocks a ball into a can
Materials you have to use if you do my experiment are
Ball dominoes
A car and wrapping paper roll
Marble and can
You use the ball to go down the tube dominoes knock the ball into the can.
This is what you have to do if you do our experiment .

• Step1 knock down the dominoes to hit a car
• Step2 the car hits the ball
• Step3the ball goes down the tube
• Step4the ball hits the dominoes
• Step5 The dominoes hit a ball which makes the ball go into the can

Benefits: you can use it for a hand golf course and get a hole in one or a soccer goal

We learned that if you knock down dominoes that they will
Knock down what is in the front of them.

The Safe Match Lighter

(Our picture is coming soon.)

For our science project, we, Ty H. and Garrett, built a safe match lighter. Some details we’ve included in our diagram are, positives and negatives about our experiment, how it works, how we thought of it, materials, and what we learned.
To start, we built a simple machine that has some benefits, and unfortunately, some negatives. One positive is you simply cannot burn your hand. The lever design prevents you from ever touching the lit match. Another is, well, you can forget those troubles with fumbling the match, all you have to do to load it is slide it into the K’Nex slot. As this memo has mentioned previously, you have to have some negatives when building an invention. A negative about The Safe Match Lighter is, as safe as it is, it is hard to transport. It's rather difficult to assemble. The base is completely built of wood and K' Nex. Those are the positives and negatives of The Safe Match Lighter.
Next, the Safe Match Lighter works in an odd way to light a match. Here’s how: you pull the K’Nex part that makes the match hit the strike plate which lights the match and the match also lights the candle.
Well, we thought of the Friction Resolver but we couldn't think of how it would work. So, we thought of The Safe Match Lighter. At first, It was too simple. Then, we made it with a rolling marble forcing the candle to float across the water. That was too complicated! So, we took the simple model and added a K'Nex frame to make it better. At that, we were satisfied.
Mostly, our project is made up of wood, K’Nex, a plastic container,
match, strike plate, and a candle. That is what our science project is made up of.

Well, we thought of the Friction Resolver but we couldn't think of how it would work. So, we thought of The Safe Match Lighter. At first, It was too simple. Then, we made it with a rolling marble forcing the candle to float across the water. That was too complicated! So, we took the simple model and added a K'Nex frame to make it better. At that, we were satisfied.
To conclude, those are the positives and negatives, how it works, how we thought of it, materials, and what we learned while building our simple machine. The reason you might want to buy this product is so you don’t burn your hand.

How A Semi Drives on Different Roads" border="0" />
Morgan And Leslie

Our materials for our science project were a box with a rag and tore up pieces of a clean free sheet taped on to the rag. Also we used a folder with a paper towel taped to it, a box with foil and little bumps of foil taped on to the foil. Also, a folder with cards taped to it. We also used bird food, a cardboard box, a little box, a book, and a folder which the semi slides down. Those were the materials which we used for our science project.
The description of our project is that the folder with nothing on it is taped to the bird food and a folder with paper towel on it is waiting at the end for the semi to drive on it. After you do all that, you put the semi at the top of the blank folder and let it drive down. Then, you change the road after you let the semi drive down. That is a description of our project.
These are the steps we did to do the project. First, you put a road on the plain folder. Next, you put the semi on the top of the plain folder and let it roll down the road. Last, you change the road after the semi drives down it. Those are the steps we did to do our project.
We think you should buy our project because then you know what road is most dangerous. We learned that you can go different speeds one different roads. All in all, that is what we did to do our project.

How To Crack An Egg" border="0" />

How To Crack An Egg
By: Kelsey, Shadae, Ryan
This product will help you crack an egg. This is simple and easy. The How To Crack an Egg will help you get your cooking done.

This product is an amazing thing. This will help you crack an egg. This includes about three tubs, a cardboard box, and a box. The egg is not included.

You will drop the battery down the tub and the battery will break the egg. First, you will drop the battery into the tub. Next, the battery will go down the tub through the cardboard. Finally, the battery will go into the other box and crack the egg.

You should buy this product because this will help you and your cracking. This product is only a $20.00! This is simple and fast .

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Alarm Clock


1-800-Feed Your Dog" border="0" />

Our invention is called 1-800-feed-your-dog! We guarantee satisfaction!
(Picture coming soon!)
How it works
You push the lever and the dog toy goes flying in the air and the dog goes
to chase it. Then the dog steps on the other lever while he is running and the dog food goes into the dog bowl and your dog is fed and happy as can be.

You need a dog toy, a dog, dog food, dog bowl, two levers, two fulcrums, and believe me you want it!

Are you tired of getting up and feeding your dog? Well now all you have to do is hit a lever! All this just for 19.99! What a doggone deal! Call 1-800-feed-yourdog. If you call in the next five minutes you can have the dog too. No batteries included!
How it helps
It will help you by not making you get up and feed your dog all you have to do is push a lever and your dog is fed.

Usually at home your watching a really funny movie or just watching T.V. then your mom calls you and says" Honey please feed the dog!" So you have to get up and walk all the way over to the dog dish. When you could only hit a lever to feed it! So then your dog is fed! You know our number. Call it and you will no longer have to walk to the garage again!

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