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Observation of Student Engagement
admin | 20 February, 2010 01:24

This post will be for us to brainstorm what Jen is looking for in the classroom.  The focus needs to be on student engagement, and lesson implementation,  and since we'll be discussing lesson implementation and objectives in our meetings, this post will focus on student engagement, and what it looks like.  So please add to this discussion as we go... What does student engagement look like? 

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School & Blocking [Reply]
barb | 25 February, 2010 11:10


Yep we have school... we my have late opening tomorrow... (Fri)

Yes, we can get it at school... surprise! I suspect it has something to do with the committee that Kim and Melissa HD are on that are exploring Web 2.0 tools? They probably had to open the lines at our school for them, so we lucked out this time.. this is just my guess... but if it wasn't, I was going to put in a request to open just this one up for professional development purposes.. not sure if they'd go for it, but worth a try.. but we lucked out anyway..

Using survey in class [Reply]
Barb | 25 February, 2010 11:01


I use the Google Docs form/spreadsheet several ways in class:

1. As an introductory activity for 7th and 8th grade that leads into spreadsheets and databases.

2. I use it with 6th graders to have them create a summary of their poster (on parts of a computer), then this last rotation I had them use the resulting spreadsheet as a reference for them to use as they took the test on parts of a computer. If we had more time (due to snow), they would have taken notes on it as the others presented.

3. I use a similar form for 7th & 8th graders to critique each other's videos.

4. I use another form for them to write their reflections on what they learned about databases

5. Another one as another reflection on the Using Search Engine activity.

If you'd like samples of any of these for your committee... let me know..

Survey [Reply]
Kim | 25 February, 2010 08:17

Love the idea of having kids take an online survey. The questions allow you to have a greater understanding of students comfort level with technology as well as their interests.
How often do you use this in class and how do you use this information in class (especially about their interests?

Hey! [Reply]
Jen | 24 February, 2010 19:50

I am just testing this out. This is great! I will gather some info about student engagement so we can narrow down some specifics together. See you Friday!

PS. Do you think we'll have school tomorrow?

Oh, and can we get on this at school? I know a lot of blogs are blocked.

Student Perception Survey [Reply]
Barb | 21 February, 2010 08:22

AS part of the intro lesson on spreadsheets and databases, I have the students complete a short survey about their interests, etc. I figured that I can easily adapt that survey to also take a look at their perceptions of themselves as learners, their tech skills, and their expectations for this class.

Here is the link to the form the kids will fill out:

It's created from a Google Doc, and automatically goes into a spreadsheet that can be exported to Excel, which can then be put into a database.

Let me know if you feel we should add or subtract any fields in this survey.


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